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Contrast is often the most important visual in a website but the point is to give out info. Good contrast makes your website look organized but bad contrast makes everything blend in. So if you cant read the info, your contrast is useless.  basically to avoid having elements that are the similar on the same page. White and black are the most used contrasts (such as black in on white paper) but it is also boring so people add color. The key is to make sure the background and text contrast but are readable. Contrasting helps people understand which things are related and which are not.  Contrasting doesn’t just have to be the color of the background but also the text. It could be any difference in size, color , or font. Bold and italicizing are also ways of contrasting.

  • Alignment: Alignment is crucial not just to the cohesive appearance of your document but to the creation of contrast for elements like bulleted lists or double-indented long quotes. Your document should have a couple of vertical baselines and all text should be aligned to one of them. Unaligned text floats mysteriously, forcing the reader to figure out its relation to the rest of the document. Centered text is particularly bad (and is a novice’s favorite design trick). One immediate step you can take to vastly improve the appearance of your documents is to remove the “center” button from your software’s toolbar (or, less drastically, just ignore it). It is rarely self-evident what centering is meant to communicate, and too much centered text creates a sloppy, undisciplined look.

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You got the right information here. A well used c.r.a.p. model is well balanced. Each of the principles is important in its’ own way. It seems that you understand the concept and hopefully you’re able to apply it in your future deigns.

   guttinger on 09.13.09 @ 2:19 pm    

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